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The blog is managed and deployed through Pantheon multidev environment.

Blog's Ticket Query

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#26433 new Fix blog lead image compression hiro steph
#26328 needs_information [EMERG] Tor Hidden Service owner is identified and caught by police, how? hiro cypherpunks
#26209 reopened In Tor Blog comments pages appear even when the limit isn't reached hiro cypherpunks
#26066 new Include clip of post summaries in sidebar hiro steph
#26061 reopened Add blog posts to contributor pages hiro steph
#25565 new When entering a tag for a blog post the wrong one is showing up ("-0" gets added) hiro gk
#25011 new Match blog spacing in article to archive hiro steph
#24520 new Change menu capitalization on blog hiro steph
#24440 assigned Match blog title post spacing to archive post title spacing hiro steph
#24439 assigned Update blog title tab hiro steph
#24438 assigned Change blog "Recent Updates" title line height hiro steph
#24187 new Reduce bullet spacing on blog hiro steph
#23992 new Allow email subscription to blog hiro arthuredelstein
#23857 new Search box isn't properly aligned with the search button hiro cypherpunks
#23395 new Every blog post had its comments set back to 'open'? hiro arma
#23394 new "hardening android": if the script doesn't work maybe someone should publish a notice for the general public hiro missionimpossible@…
#23022 reopened Increase lead image bottom spacing; reduce top spacing hiro steph
#23007 needs_review Get a second blog maintainer hiro arma
#22947 needs_revision Possible Security Issue (Information Disclosure) with Drupal on hiro cypherpunks
#22846 new Please don't make me click "save and publish" in order to configure my blog post draft to be unpublished hiro arma
#22774 needs_information Figure out how much of each blog post to display on the index (front) page hiro arma
#22671 needs_information Implement design changes to hiro linda
#22557 needs_review Comment pagination links could go to `#comments` anchors hiro dcf
#22530 accepted Tor Browser 7.0 can't post on unless security slider is lowered hiro cypherpunks
#22388 reopened Put a favicon in place hiro arma
#22013 assigned Migrate blog.tpo hiro hiro

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