Infrastructure service git

Our git setup consists of three interdependent services:

  • ssh accessible and writeable git repositories
  • https:// read-only anonymous access
  • web browsing repositories

Creating user repositories

Developers who have a tpo LDAP account can request personal git repositories be created on our git infrastructure. Please file a ticket in Trac using the link below. User repositories have the path user/<username>/<repository>.git.

Request a new user repository

Please provide the following information in the ticket: username, repository name, and a short description. Here is an example where irl is requesting a new example repository:

Please create a new user repository user/irl/example.git.

The description for the repository is: Iain's example repository.

This message was signed for on 2018-10-16 at 19:00:00 UTC.

Please use GPG to clearsign this text, it will be checked against the GPG key that you have linked to you in our LDAP. Additionally, ensure that it is wrapped as a code block (within {{{ }}}).

Adding developers to a repository

If you want access to an existing repository please have somebody who already has access to ask that you be added by filing a trac ticket. This should be GPG signed as above.

Request a user to be added to a repository

Learning what git repos you can read/write

Once you have an ldap account and have an ssh key set up for it, run


and it will tell you what bits you have on which repos. The first column is who can read (@ for everybody, R for you, blank for not you), and the second column is who can write (@ for everybody, W for you, blank for not you).

Commit hooks

There are a variety of commit hooks that are easy to add for your git repo, ranging from irc notifications to email notifications to github auto-syncing. Clone the gitolite-admin repo and look at the "config hooks" lines for examples. You can request changes by filing a trac ticket as described above, or just request the hooks when you first ask for your repo to be set up.

Standard Commit Hooks for Canonical Repositories

Changes to most repositories are reported to:

  • the #tor-bots IRC channel (or #tor-internal for private admin repositories)

Some repositories have a dedicated mailing list for commits at

Some repositories are mirrored to

Open requests

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