Infrastructure service

Our mailinglist server,, is running an instance of mailman.

The listmaster team is responsible for configurating all lists as required. They make decisions about which lists to create and which to retire, who should have owner or moderator access to existing lists, if lists are private, restricted, or public, and many other aspects of running mailing lists.

If you want to request a new list or propose a change to existing lists please file a ticket in the Service - lists component. If listmaster approves, they will coordinate with the admin team to have the list added and then configure it as needed. Don't forget to update the list of mailing lists upon changes.

Open requests

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#12436 new Mail archive lint grarpamp
#19248 new Redirect email aliases weasel atagar
#19914 new DKIM causing trouble with Tor lists, should be stripped qbi starlight
#19943 new Improve mailing-list footers qbi lunar
#23932 new Please grant more folks list creation permissions qbi atagar
#25880 new mailing list archive download not working qbi cypherpunks
#29770 assigned mails relayed from lists.tpo to bounces qbi anarcat

How to …

create a list

A list can be created by running newlist on the mailing list server (currently eugeni):

ssh sudo -u list newlist

If you do not have root access, proceed with the mailman admin password on the list creation form, which might or might not work.

Mailman creates the list name with an upper case letter. Usually people like all lower-case more. So log in to the newly created list at and change the list name and the subject line to lower case.

If people want to have specific settings (no archive, no public listing, etc.), can you set them also at this stage.

TPA should store the new list password in their password manager.

Don't forget to update the list of mailing lists upon changes and close the trac ticket.

Remove a list

To remove a list, use the rmlist command on eugeni:

ssh sudo -u list rmlist LISTNAME

By default, archives are kept. If that's not wanted, use the -a flag.

Don't forget to update the list of mailing lists upon changes.

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