OnionPerf is a utility to track Tor and onion service performance.

OnionPerf uses multiple processes and threads to download random data through Tor while tracking the performance of those downloads. The data is served and fetched on localhost using two TGen (traffic generator) processes, and is transferred through Tor using Tor client processes and an ephemeral Tor Onion Service. Tor control information and TGen performance statistics are logged to disk, analyzed once per day to produce a json stats database and files that can feed into Torperf, and can later be used to visualize changes in Tor client performance over time.

For more information, see

We are running three onionperf instance at the moment:

op-us in DC:

op-nd in AMS:

op-hk in Hong Kong:

OnionPerf setup is rather simple, a standard test container (in docker) for OnionPerf can be found here:

Onionperf is hosted on Greenhost VPS.

Greenhost support can be contacted through this web form.

Onionperf's Ticket Query

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#28271 accepted Check OnionPerf instances from Nagios irl irl
#26673 assigned Record download times of smaller file sizes from partial completion times metrics-team karsten
#26597 new Investigate and document additional overhead for first hop when not using guards hiro irl
#25144 assigned op-us onionperf instance spends much of its time at 100% timeout failure: why? metrics-team arma

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