wiki:org/operations/services/ is an installation of Request Tracker used for support. Users write emails, support assistants use web interface.


No clue. Probably Debian-ish?

Configuration is readable in /etc/request-tracker4/RT_SiteConfig.d/.

There's no logs. No clue why.

How to perform maintainance

For maintainance, the service can be shut down by stopping the mail server:

sudo service postfix stop

Then uncomment lines related to authentication in /etc/apache2/sites-staging/, then update Apache by:

sudo apache2-vhost-update

Once the maintainance is down, comment the lines again in /etc/apache2/sites-staging/ and update the config again:

sudo apache2-vhost-update

Don't forget to restart the mail server:

sudo service postfix start

Auto-reply to new requestors

When an unknown email address sends an email to the support, it will be automatically replied to warn users about the data retention policy.

A global Scrip is responsible for this. It will be default use the global template named “Initial reply”. It is written in English. In each queue except help, a template named exactly “Initial reply” is defined in order to localize the message.

Expiration of old tickets

Tickets (and affiliated users) get erased from the RT database after 100 days. This is done by the expire-old-tickets script. The script is run everyday at 06:02 UTC through a cronjob run as user colin.

Encrypted SQL dumps of the data removed from the database will be written to /srv/rtstuff/shredded and must be put away regularily.

Dump of RT templates

RT articles are dumped into text files and then pushed to the rt-articles Git repository. An email is sent each time there's a new commit, so collective reviews can happen by the rest of the support team.

The machinery is spread through several scripts. The one run on rude is dump_rt_articles, and it will run everyday through a cronjob as user colin.

Spam training

Every mail sent to RT is also sent to the rtmailarchive account. This is required to be able to train SpamAssassin as it can only learn from unaltered email messages.

A three steps cronjob is run daily.

Step 1: Every mail in Maildir/.help* is checked against the RT. For each message, we look up a matching ticket using the Message-Id header. If the ticket is in a help* queue and has status resolved, we move it to the ham training folder. If the ticket in in the spam queue and has status resolved, we move it to the spam training folder. If the file is more than 100 days old, we delete it.

Step 2: SpamAssassin is fed with the content of the ham and spam training folder. After the process, the message is moved to the corresponding learned folder.

Step 3: Message in the learned folders are deleteed.

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