Using Schleuder

Schleuder has it's own gpg key, and also it's own keyring that you can use if you are subscribed to the list.

All command-emails need to be signed.

Sending emails to people outside of the list

When using X-RESEND you need to add also the line X-LIST-NAME line to your email, and send it signed:

X-LIST-NAME: listname@…

X-RESEND: person@…

You could also add their key to your schleuder mailing list, with

X-LIST-NAME: listname@…


[--- PGP armored block--]

And then do:

X-LIST-NAME: listname@…


Getting the keys on a Schleuder list keyring

X-LIST-NAME: listname@…


And then:

X-LIST-NAME: listname@…

X-GET-KEY: someone@…


Schleuder is a gpg-enabled mailing list manager with resending-capabilities. Subscribers can communicate encrypted (and pseudonymously) among themselves, receive emails from non-subscribers and send emails to non-subscribers via the list.

For more details see

Schleuder runs on Eugeni. The version of Schleuder currently installed is: 3.1.2

Mailing lists are managed through schleuder-cli which needs schleuder-api-daemon running. If the daemon is not running you can start it with:

$ SCHLEUDER_CONFIG="/srv/" schleuder-api-daemon

Lists also need to be setup in postfix in order to forward to Schleuder.

To create a list you can:

$ schleuder-cli lists new secret-team@… admin@… /path/to/public.key

Schleuder will create the list gpg key together with the list. Please not that the created keys do not expires. For more information about how Schlueder creates keys you can check:

To export a list public key you can do the following:

$ schleuder-cli keys export secret-team@… <list-key-fingerprint>

Subscription are managed with the subscriptions command. To subscribe a new user to a list do:

$ schleuder-cli subscriptions new secret-team@… person@… <fingerprint> /path/to/public.key

All the other commands are available by typing: $ schleuder-cli help

Schleuder's Ticket Query

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#33728 new Make tor-security@ non-schleuder; add tor-security-encrypted@ hiro nickm
#32109 assigned email alias does not exist dgoulet pili
#25536 new Build (and document) a set of habits around our schleuder replies hiro arma
#22260 needs_information Schleuder does not decrypt and re-encrypt attachments hiro teor

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