The Tor Styleguide is the living visual identity of Tor's software projects and an integral part of our user experience. The Styleguide is aimed at web applications, but i could be used in any projects that can use css.

The Tor Styleguide is based on Bootstrap, an open-source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS. To use the Tor styleguide, you can download our css style and import it in your project. Please refer to the Styleguide getting started page for more information.

Tor Styleguide is based on Lektor. You can also check Styleguide repository.

The Styleguide is hosted at several computers for redundancy, and these computers are together called "the www rotation". Please check the static sites help page for more info.

Styleguide's Ticket Query

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#28827 new Add wordlist to the styleguide hiro emmapeel
#28629 assigned Add Graphs section to the Styleguide hiro antonela
#28487 new add 'odd' and 'even' styling for tables to the tor styleguide hiro emmapeel
#27166 new Consider removing the Tor onion logo "leaves" in small icons hiro loxia_01
#26669 needs_review Add a new icon for "Obsolete" hiro irl
#25763 assigned Design a .onion icon antonela antonela
#25491 assigned Package lektor for Debian hiro cypherpunks
#25490 new Give clear guidelines for the page footer hiro cypherpunks
#25489 new Implement a fallback mechanism for icon fonts and SVGs used in CSS for high-security mode hiro cypherpunks
#25488 new Add an example for navigation within the site hiro cypherpunks
#25487 new Add an example for cards that are also links hiro cypherpunks
#25025 assigned Add icon for next-generation onions in the style guide antonela ahf
#23735 new Put a banner when detecting Tor exit node but with a non-Tor Browser on the website advising to use TB instead hiro cypherpunks
#23721 needs_information Put a banner when detecting old versions of the Tor Browser on the website advising to update hiro cypherpunks

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