Tor Project websites is hosted at several computers for redundancy, and these computers are together called "the www rotation". Please check the static sites help page for more info.

The current git repository for the website can be found on gitweb.tpo/project/web/webwml.git].

The repository is built via the following Jenkins build process.

The website jenkins build also builds the blog snippets job. This is responsible to create the list of the latest blog posts that we currently have on top right.

Please refer to the README for instructions on how to build the website locally. Please note that the website needs tor repository cloned locally as well in order to build the documentation.

Website's Ticket Query

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#26838 new Port the research portal content to Lektor irl
#26837 new Move the "research-ideas" tickets to research ideas page irl
#26836 new Update and refresh the research portal irl
#26824 new Please remove/deactivate Fundraising Director job posting on website ewyatt
#26781 new Possible incorrect Tor onion configuration modikonark
#26774 new I'd like to link to the download page, with an anchor in the "source code" tab nickm
#26539 new add checksums to download page; make checksum vs. sig file purpose much clearer cypherpunks
#26474 new old experimental version 0.3.3.x autodidactTor
#26403 assigned Add press clips to website hiro steph
#26386 new Please post job description to website - Project Manager with Product Experience ewyatt
#26385 new Add job description to website - Project Manager for Network Projects ewyatt
#26361 new Please remove/deactivate job posting on website (Localization Project Manager) ewyatt
#26314 new Create "Learn More" Landing Page for TBA sysrqb
#26298 new link more than one stable and one unstable from download page catalyst
#26293 assigned Advertise the new #tor-relays channel on the website, wiki phoul dmr
#25983 new PRECISO DE AJUDA!!! 4Four_One1
#25822 new Relay search says that my relay "implements the v2 directory protocol or higher." Dbryrtfbcbhgf
#25730 new The Tor website's bridges page has old Tor Browser screenshots teor
#22747 needs_information Pls document relay with restricted socket count tmpname0901
#22487 reopened Add https version of `` repository install instructions hiro anadahz
#19841 new BridgeDB website: surprising choices and no language switcher isis sebalis
#18925 new Add instructions for removing the code signing parts of OS X bundles and MAR files tbb-team gk
#18911 reopened bitcoin donations via BitPay don't work properly for tor users (BitPay uses Cloudflare) Sebastian cypherpunks
#18870 assigned add the tor animation video to the top of the overview page? hiro arma

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