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Services Team

Welcome to the Services Admin page.

Service admins are part of tor project sys admins team. For a rough description of what sys admin and services admin do, please have a look here.

If you need the services admin team to maintain a new service or you would like to deploy a new service on infrastructure please have a look here.

The Service Admins maintain the following list of Tor Services.

Onionperf OnionPerf is used to run performance measurements over the Tor network.
Tor Project website
Tor Project blog
Schleuder Gpg-enabled mailing list manager with remailing-capabilities.
Tor project newsletter
Support Portal
Lektor Debian Package


The Service Admins make a 6-months service roadmap at each Tor event. The current roadmap was agreed upon in Rome.

Current WPI Tickets

Ticket Status Summary Priority Owner Reporter
#26328 needs_information [EMERG] Tor Hidden Service owner is identified and caught by police, how? Very High hiro cypherpunks
#17669 needs_information Old links to outdated versions of Tor Browser should redirect to a page with the latest version of Tor Browser High hiro cypherpunks
#22530 accepted Tor Browser 7.0 can't post on unless security slider is lowered High hiro cypherpunks
#26209 reopened In Tor Blog comments pages appear even when the limit isn't reached High hiro cypherpunks
#26809 assigned add all Tier-1 languages to the support portal to test them High hiro emmapeel
#26912 new Pull blog post "Summary" into "Recent Updates" preview text High hiro steph
#13270 assigned spam in wiki / consider automated spam prevention Medium hiro proper
#14680 assigned Add an additional magic word requirement for making a trac account Medium hiro arma
#18870 needs_review add the tor animation video to the top of the overview page? Medium hiro arma
#21140 new Document the distinction between sys admin and service admin Medium hiro arma
#21178 assigned submenus and page structures behave inconsistently Medium hiro lnl
#21303 needs_information monitor our fastly usage for early warning of overage charges Medium hiro arma
#21519 needs_information Tor Project FAQ Medium hiro cypherpunks
#21808 needs_review show Windows `gpg --verify` command on one line Medium hiro pege
#22013 assigned Migrate blog.tpo Medium hiro hiro
#22076 new adjust text shown on screen based on size of text Medium hiro efittery
#22260 needs_revision Schleuder does not decrypt and re-encrypt attachments Medium hiro teor
#22384 needs_information Duplicate Blog component Medium hiro cypherpunks
#22405 assigned Fix onion links for downloading Tor Browser Medium hiro cypherpunks
#22487 reopened Add https version of `` repository install instructions Medium hiro anadahz
#22557 needs_review Comment pagination links could go to `#comments` anchors Medium hiro dcf
#22637 accepted Find a more maintainable approach for the signing-keys page Medium hiro arma
#22671 needs_information Implement design changes to Medium hiro linda
#22749 needs_revision Form for grant proposals pipeline Medium hiro isabela
#22774 needs_information Figure out how much of each blog post to display on the index (front) page Medium hiro arma
#22842 accepted Create a knowledge base that's more in-depth than FAQs Medium hiro catalyst
#22846 new Please don't make me click "save and publish" in order to configure my blog post draft to be unpublished Medium hiro arma
#22888 assigned Permanent download URL for the latest release Medium hiro David_Hedlund
#22947 needs_revision Possible Security Issue (Information Disclosure) with Drupal on Medium hiro cypherpunks
#23007 needs_review Get a second blog maintainer Medium hiro arma
#23022 reopened Increase lead image bottom spacing; reduce top spacing Medium hiro steph
#23096 assigned Request to create solution for permanent link of newsletter letters + archive Medium hiro isabela
#23332 assigned Change Trac Username Medium hiro bkerensa@…
#23376 assigned Build survey form for Onion Browser branding research Medium hiro isabela
#23377 needs_information Some reorg suggestion for media.tpo Medium hiro isabela
#23394 new "hardening android": if the script doesn't work maybe someone should publish a notice for the general public Medium hiro missionimpossible@…
#23395 new Every blog post had its comments set back to 'open'? Medium hiro arma
#23574 accepted Don't allow text injection in our 404 page Medium hiro gk
#23578 new Don't include full path of error messages in OONI explorer's error page Medium hiro gk
#23593 new Allow search on Medium hiro krichter
#23674 assigned Symbolic link not allowed error in apache/trac Medium hiro hiro
#23721 needs_information Put a banner when detecting old versions of the Tor Browser on the website advising to update Medium hiro cypherpunks
#23735 new Put a banner when detecting Tor exit node but with a non-Tor Browser on the website advising to use TB instead Medium hiro cypherpunks
#23809 accepted Add instructions for running a relay on a Raspberry Pi Medium hiro irl
#23857 new Search box isn't properly aligned with the search button Medium hiro cypherpunks
#23992 new Allow email subscription to blog Medium hiro arthuredelstein
#24162 assigned Torsocks tarballs should not be on my people.tpo Medium hiro dgoulet
#24187 new Reduce bullet spacing on blog Medium hiro steph
#24206 assigned newsletter subscription sends me to Medium hiro arma
#24376 assigned Search backend for websites - Test and deploy Solr Medium hiro isabela
#24438 assigned Change blog "Recent Updates" title line height Medium hiro steph
#24439 assigned Update blog title tab Medium hiro steph
#24440 assigned Match blog title post spacing to archive post title spacing Medium hiro steph
#24520 new Change menu capitalization on blog Medium hiro steph
#24597 assigned Start coding Medium hiro isabela
#24845 assigned update Limesurvey theme and logo to follow Medium hiro isabela
#24981 assigned Update trac identity to match styleguide Medium hiro steph
#25011 new Match blog spacing in article to archive Medium hiro steph
#25230 assigned create new trac component for reporting bad-relays Medium hiro cypherpunks
#25487 new Add an example for cards that are also links Medium hiro cypherpunks
#25488 new Add an example for navigation within the site Medium hiro cypherpunks
#25490 new Give clear guidelines for the page footer Medium hiro cypherpunks
#25491 assigned Package lektor for Debian Medium hiro cypherpunks
#25536 new Build (and document) a set of habits around our schleuder replies Medium hiro arma
#25565 new When entering a tag for a blog post the wrong one is showing up ("-0" gets added) Medium hiro gk
#25640 assigned coding Medium hiro isabela
#26061 reopened Add blog posts to contributor pages Medium hiro steph
#26066 new Include clip of post summaries in sidebar Medium hiro steph
#26433 new Fix blog lead image compression Medium hiro steph
#26597 new Investigate and document additional overhead for first hop when not using guards Medium hiro irl
#26660 new Please refresh teor's key on schleuder Medium hiro teor
#26669 needs_review Add a new icon for "Obsolete" Medium hiro irl
#26775 new Upload image to Medium hiro steph
#26875 new Add 1pger to Medium hiro steph
#27166 new Consider removing the Tor onion logo "leaves" in small icons Medium hiro loxia_01
#22388 reopened Put a favicon in place Low hiro arma
#25489 new Implement a fallback mechanism for icon fonts and SVGs used in CSS for high-security mode Low hiro cypherpunks