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This page contains some projects in addition to the more developed/formal ones which may be found in the volunteer section of the main TPO website.

The Tor Project develops a number of software programs including the core Tor software and supporting applications. The Tor Project as an organization also maintains its server infrastructure, advocates anonymity online, and raises funds to pay its staff. This page summarizes the current products and projects we are working on.

In the following, we are using these terms:

  • Category: A group of related products, like "Core software," or "Network analysis."
  • Product: A product is an ongoing artifact like a software program or a website that usually has no end or due date. We subsume ongoing activities like fundraising under products, too. Nearly every program is a product, but some products are not programs.
  • Project: A project is an endeavor to improving one or more products. Projects have a success criterion and in most cases an end date. Some projects are external deliverables that we have promised to one or more sponsors; other projects are internal. Some projects are activities we're currently working on; others may be in a blue-sky or planning stage. The scope of a project is usually on the order of days to months.
  • Milestone: A milestone is a defined sub-goal of a project that usually comes with its own due date.
  • Task: A task is an individual work item as part of a milestone or project. Tasks usually respond to a Trac ticket. The scope of a task is usually on the order of hours to days.

For example, "Core Software" is a category; "Tor" is a product, "Make Tor support all DNS types" is a project, and "Write a design proposal for transmitting arbitrary DNS queries over Tor" is a task.

See org/process/HowWeDoProjectManagement for info on how we think our project-management system is working and how it should work.

List of products and projects

We are working on these projects (third level), grouped by, products (second level) and, categories (first level):

Automatically generated list of wiki pages in the org/projects/ directory:


This site news some updates. At least all software projects should be correctly linked. I (proper) am going to do that, hope you like it, it's not my goal to disturb someone.

But I am not absolutely sure. Here...

  • LiveCD
    • Research and develop LiveCD as a single end-user package, unless it turns out Tor Browser Bundle is the better approach (sponsor A, deliverable 11.b)
  • Research and develop Tor Browser Bundle as a single end-user package, unless it turns out LiveCD is the better approach (sponsor A, deliverable 11.a)

I dunno what this means. But since Tails (LiveCD/USB) is already listed on the front page... Tails and TBB coexist. I feel to delete this and to add the Tails link to the list.

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