Meeting notes

  1. coffee and introductions
  1. Agenda overview

how can OONI and BISmark work together: hardware specifications, system requirements, deployment, mobile, data presentation and collaboration, code goals, common output format, test specification and implementation, deployment of ooni collector

  1. Talk about how to get access to MLAB, OONI will get a slice (VM) that can run the backend and data collection.
  1. Legal implications of running measurements, international law. Should find someone who has expertise in this area.
  1. passive measurements, capture on triggering events. MLAB has strict rule on no passive-only tests; measurements must be initiated by the researcher. Sniffing/packet capture of a test that was actively initiated is OK.

6 breadth first discussion completed; identifying topics for discussion:

  • High Level Goals
    • Hardware Platforms
    • Software/Languages
    • Deployment
      • Where
      • Who
      • On What
    • Interoperability
    • Users
      • Analysts
      • Who looks at the data?

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