GetTor Usage

Users can communicate with GetTor robot by sending messages via email. Currently, the best known GetTor email address is This should be the most current stable GetTor robot as it is operated by the Tor Project.

To ask for Tor Browser, a user should send an email to GetTor robot with one of the following options in the message body:

windows: If the user needs Tor Browser for Windows.
linux: If the user needs Tor Browser for Linux.
osx: If the user needs Tor Browser for Mac OSX.

Options are case insensitive. If a user select two or more options, only the first one will be considered. After the user sends a valid option, GetTor robot will reply with links to download Tor Browser from popular cloud services. For now, the only cloud service supported is Dropbox. A sample reply from GetTor robot should look like this:

Thank you for your request for windows-en.
Here are the download links:
Tor Browser Bundle:


Package (32/64-bit): link-to-dropbox
ASC signature (32/64-bit): link-to-dropbox.asc
Package SHA256 checksum (32/64-bit): e41078c34785e6834657d008d0c2b0b671b793b5cbc67ebc60e8d55735504a10

Fingerprint: 8738 A680 B84B 3031 A630 F2DB 416F 0610 63FE E659


Still need help? If you have any questions, trouble connecting to Tor
network, or need to talk to a human, please contact our support team 

We are ready to answer your queries in English, Farsi, Chinese, Arabic,
French and Spanish.

If a user sends something different from the options mentioned before, GetTor robot will reply with a help message explaining how to interact with it. A sample help message should look like this:

Hello, this is the 'GetTor' robot.
Thank you for your request. I am here to help you download the latest
Tor Browser Bundle.
Please reply to this message with one of the options below:

And I will send you the download instructions quickly.

Tip: Just send a blank reply to this message if you are not sure.

Once the files have been downloaded users should verify the integrity of Tor Browser by following the instructions listed in the signature verification guide. After verifying that the downloaded file is valid, users should follow the install instructions to start using Tor Browser. A user that can't reach the Tor network after the install process should consider using bridges or pluggable transports. This guide will be provided by the GetTor robot in the future.

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