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GetTor is a program that presents alternative methods to download Tor Browser, specially when access to Tor Project's official website and mirrors is blocked. For now, the only available method is SMTP (email).

You can check Usage to know how to use it, Design to have an insight of how it works, Roadmap to see what's coming, Ideas to see some crazy and not so crazy stuff that could be implemented, Outreach to know about collaboration with other projects/communities, and Tickets to have a glimpse of the development progress.

Have you found a bug? Please, fill a ticket.

Current Development

GetTor is in continuous development. You can find the latest code on this repository. If you have any doubts, suggestions, or feedback, please don't hesitate on contact the GetTor team:

GetTor team IRC (oftc#tor-dev) Email PGP key
Israel Leiva ilv ilv[@]torproject dot org 4096R/540BFC0E
Sukhbir Sing sukhe sukhbir[@]torproject dot org 4096R/B297B391
Nima Fatemi mrphs nima[@]torproject dot org 4096R/1C92A77B


Stuff in (light) development:

SMTP channel

  • Improve content of emails
  • Enable requests for more locales (English only for now) #3921
    • Return locale version and English message when email is sent to gettor+locale@tpo
    • Return locale version and translated message when email is sent to gettor+locale@tpo
  • Deliver latest version of Tor Browser #12502 #14744

Distributions channels

  • Deploy XMPP channel #12819
    • Research and (if possible) implement OTR communication.
  • Finish Twitter channel
  • Research more channels! (e.g. p2p) #9071 #8542

Cloud services

  • Integrate Google Drive #13779 #10692
  • More tests and then integrate Github #14835
  • Automate the upload of latest Tor Browser to the various services integrated #14744
  • Research more services!
    • Special interest on nice services that are not blocked in mainland China #14114


Here are some nice ideas that could be implemented in the near future (in no specific order):

If you open a ticket for one of these ideas, please add its number next to the idea it belongs. Thank you.

  • Enable the 'mirrors' keyword and return the parsed content of tpo/getinvolved/mirrors.html.en
  • Enable the 'sha256 checksums' and return dist.tpo/torbrowser/4.0.4/sha256sums.txt #3980
  • Create a nice way to test GetTor #1593
  • Create some kind of bot that makes daily requests to GetTor to check what channels are up.
  • Make a nice and beautiful page that explains what is GetTor, why it exists, and how to use it (including key verification).

Here are some thoughts that need research, and might be nice ideas to implement if we figure out how:

  • Change from generating responses on request by static responses.
  • Can we provide Tor Browser via DuckDuckGo?
  • Distribute MAR files. Does this actually makes sense? #13781
  • Use encryption to circumvent deep packet inspection and cloud service awareness. #13878

Feel free to add your own idea.


There are lots of projects and communities out there that share part or all of the goals of GetTor. We might even find time to collaborate with some of them.

  • Tor2web: ilv has collaborated with Tor2web in the implementation of a GetTor feature. See their wiki for more details.
  • DuckDuckGo: ilv is currently learning how to make instant answers and see if we could do something nice related to GetTor goals.


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