This is not final; I'm still editing it. Please come back later. -- Nick

Tor 0.2.3: roadmap, timeline, vague priorities.

This is Nick's vague draft plan for a Tor 0.2.3.x release.

Please don't edit it without talking to me first: I've made a section at the bottom of the page for that.


(All dates subject to change if there's a

December 1: Big patch freeze. No new big patches get merged after this date.

January 6: Feature freeze. No features after this date. Bugfixes are limited to regressions against 0.2.2, serious bugs usability/security/reliability bugs, and bugs which for whatever reason can't wait for 0.2.4.x.

When it's done, hopefully by the end of Feb: Release.

The definition of "big patch" is deliberately vague.

Note that the cutoffs above are merge freezes, not submission freezes. If you give me a big patch on December 1, and I can't merge it on that day (because of time, or because it needs changes, or for whatever reason), it will have to wait. Thus, if there's something big that you want to have put into 0.2.3.x, then you should try to get it into the review pipeline well before the merge cutoff.


Here is a rough list of my current priorities for 0.2.3.x. Note that this list involves more items than we will have time to do; some things will get bumped.

Again, please don't edit this without talking to me.


The old version of this list was features. This is must-fix bugs. All other bugs in the 0.2.3.x milestone are good-to-fix if possible.


  • Merge stuff in needs-review. Stuff in needs-review as of 16 May is not on this list.
  • Go through stuff in needs-information. Stuff in needs-info as of 16 May is not on this list.
  • Get all "new"/"accepted"/"assigned" 0.2.2 items done. Stuff in 0.2.2 is not on this list.
What?Time estPriorityNotes
#5840 tor disregards MapAddress .exit mapping 3 8
#5708 Don't make too many circuits once we're separating streams by domain 2 7 Deferred.
#5458 Clients should warn and disable guards responsible for excessive circuit failures 2 7 Mike says he may revise
#4873 [Error] connection_or_handle_event_cb(): Bug: connection_or.c:1281: ... 3 7
#2954 ides corrupted its file 2 6
#4520 Update 'tor-win32-mingw-creation.txt' for Windows Tor build 1 6
#3443 Client with low CBT can't switch to a bridge if it's slow 3 5
#5374 getsockname() to check for address change failed 1 5 at least do a workaround
#5603 get_configured_bridge_by_addr_port_digest is not robust 1 5
#4657 setting myfamily on a bridge should warn (and fail?) 1 5
#5598 Turn DynamicDHGroups off by default 1 5
#5089 get_parent_directory returns error for /home 1 5
#5048 cbtmintimeout should have a lower maximum 1 4
#5049 When LearnCircuitBuildTimeout is off, we should ignore (most?)( CBT parameters from the consensus 2 4
#5589 validate_pluggable_transports_config() is not called after SIGHUP 1 4
#2045 Make tor_check_port_forwarding handle incomplete lines 2 3 This will be a pain to debug if it ever triggers
#5824 Stop reporting relay-only statistics as a bridge 1 3
#4296 Trivial issues in tor_spawn_background()/tor_check_port_forwarding() 1 2 appears to be a trivial resource leak
#2967 bad pidfile handling on ENOSPC 1 1

Fix if we can figure it out:

What?Time estPriorityNotes
#4249 Tor not respecting bandwidth limits ? 7 no idea why this is happening
#5595 Some relays tried to refetch maatuska's new certificate repeatedly ? 7
#3080 Bug: The application request to "":5222 has launched 10 circuits without finding one it likes. ? 7
#4847 Bridges binding only to an IPv6 address doesn't work ? 5
#5897 Windows 8 Connection Error ? 5
#2983 Errant circuit creation beyond MAPADDRESS validity ? 4
#3825 HS intro points overloaded with CREATE cells cause connectivity failures ? 4


What?Time estPriorityNotes
#4663 Tor proxy settings bypassed when proxy is down/broken 1 2 Actually a UI issue

Spec/doc correctness

What?Time estPriorityNotes
#5597 Document the new ORPort option, and that ORListenAddress is deprecated, and how to transition 2 7
#4748 --defaults-torrc is not documented in manpage 1 6
#5437 man page: IsolateClientProtocol needs clarification? 1 5
#2865 Update manpage for *Statistics options 1 4
#4752 Older command-line behavior of -log might be more reasonable 1 4
#4614 Disable/finish non-working parts of proposal-186 implementation 1 3
#4600 Spec doesn't mention password quotes 2 3
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