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To make it easier to help out with testing support for Tor on IPv6 we've created a private IPv6 testing network. If you're interested in being part of testing you can run clients, relays and bridges on this network, find bugs and report them. You'll need both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. Please visit #tor-ipv6 at if you think that you would benefit form more coordination.

The network is running (more or less) the tip of branch ipv6-testing-network in Linus' repository.

    git clone -b ipv6-testing-network git://

The authorities in the network are currently

    AlternateDirAuthority ndn00a orport=5000 no-v2 hs v3ident=CFA099FEB8D2B5B6CC7F7A82C247A3FD304DC2D2 80CC45020AC1073A767DB5D038A31ED50D56F869
    AlternateDirAuthority ndn01a orport=5001 no-v2 hs v3ident=008851948F6FC529A19C6A1E3889E8245AEE2B56 9B6810953CE8FAD358EDDF2BB685DFA96702DBE3
    AlternateDirAuthority dfri00a orport=5000 no-v2 hs v3ident=8391FE90D59B0D01F5656AC18BD036FAF719616E E9578E63922566DBDDF3E6823053AEC5BC83C545
    AlternateBridgeAuthority ndn02a orport=5002 no-v2 bridge 1A3C7E2BAEF772AC582F442E7A56260E57F93E39

We don't have a BridgeDB yet. Here are some bridges.

    dfri03b [2001:67c:289c::31]:5003
    ndn05b [2001:948:7:2::165]:5005

Please provide valid contact information in ContactInfo so that we can reach you. You can use an email address, IRC handle (on or an XMPP id.

We suggest that SafeLogging is turned off and that ProtocolWarnings are enabled.

    ProtocolWarnings 1
    SafeLogging 0

Notes on running a relay on the IPv6 testing network

In order to set up an OR port on both IPv4 and IPv6 you'll want two ORPort options in your configuration file (ticket XXX).

    ORPort 5000
    ORPort [<ipv6-addr>]:5000

Furthermore, you need to specify your IPv6 address explitily -- [::] will not work (ticket XXX).

Notes on running a client on the IPv6 testing network

You can play around with these two new config options.

    ClientUseIPv6 1
    ClientPreferIPv6ORPort 1

If you experience trouble finding entry nodes (the network is not very large), try setting

    UseEntryGuards 0

Notes on running an authority on the IPv6 testing network

You will want to try out these new config options.

    AuthDirHasIPv6Connectivity 1