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"Turns out, 4 billion addresses wasn't enough." -- nickm

The work with adding IPv6 support to Tor follows these phases, roughly the same as outlined in xxx-ipv6-roadmap.txt. This page is meant to function as a status page for each of the phases and of the project as a whole.

At the bottom of the page can be found a section with pointers to related resources.

The phases and their status

Clients to private bridges (

Private bridges are bridge relays that don't register with the bridge authority (PublishServerDescriptor 0). Support for running a private bridge with an IPv6 OR port and clients connecting to it was added to tor in (2011-12-08).

This work was tracked in #3563.

Clients to ordinary bridges (git master 2012-07-19)

Ordinary bridges publish their descriptor to the bridge authority. Support for bridge authorities to handle announced IPv6 OR ports and to hand them out were merged to master on 2012-07-19. Planned to be released in tor no later than 2012-09-07.

This work is tracked in #4563.

This code has not been tested thoroughly.

Clients to relays (WIP)

Relays that not are bridges publish their descriptor to the directory authoritites. Directory authorities vote on relays and publish a consensus document. Support for relays with an IPv6 OR port and for directory authorities to handle their descriptors, voting on them and publishing a consensus containing IPv6 OR ports is being worked on by ln5.

This work is tracked in #4564.

Exit relays to IPv6 destinations

Exit relays connect to hosts on internet. The work with connecting to IPv6 addresses on internet has not been started.

Relays to relays

Relays talk to other relays. The work with relays talking to other relays over IPv6 has not been started.

Directory authorities on IPv6

Clients and relays talk to directory authorities. The work with making directory authorities reachable over IPv6 has not been started.

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