Change History for org/roadmaps/Tor/IPv6Features

Version Date Author Comment
33 8 weeks teor IPv6 editing can be unreliable
32 2 months teor Add TOC
31 2 months teor Add draft long-term transition plan
30 4 months teor Further updates
29 4 months teor Fix query max
28 4 months teor Update status
27 22 months teor Update with metrics IPv6 graphs, which are live
26 23 months teor Update the relay reachability section
25 23 months teor Clarify the overview
24 23 months teor Add a summary section
23 23 months teor Add ticket #22781 about link specifiers to the IPv6 ORPort …
22 23 months teor Map out how we get IPv6 extends from clients, and the anonymity …
21 23 months teor the bridge authority does IPv6 checks now, thanks isis!
20 2 years teor Add tickets for IPv6 ORPort reachability, and move some details there
19 2 years teor Add another IPv6 relay reachability step
18 2 years teor What do relays do if they can connect to multiple addresses on another …
17 2 years teor Turns out we don't want to use a relay at the same provider to check …
16 2 years teor Add detailed plan for IPv6 reachability checks
15 2 years teor Add relay IPv6 reachability ticket
14 2 years teor Update the reachability section with the latest tickets
13 2 years teor Add a section for IPv6 reporting
12 2 years teor Summarise the other missing IPv6 features
11 2 years teor Move detail out of tables into descriptive text
10 2 years teor Fill in the structure of the rest of the page
9 2 years teor ClientPreferIPv6ORPort works for bridges
8 2 years teor Clarify relay IPv6 support
7 2 years teor Give more detail about what kind of addresses relays need
6 2 years teor Draft IPv6 entry node table
5 2 years teor Split the bridge and standard client tables
4 2 years teor Fill in some missing entry nodes
3 2 years teor More header fixes
2 2 years teor Re-format header
1 2 years teor Initial client bootstrap and OR table