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Initial client bootstrap and OR table

IPv6 Feature Matrix

This is a list of core tor network features, and their support for IPv6.


  • Auto: this works automatically in the default configuration.
  • Manual: this requires manual config on the client or relay.
  • Workaround: this works, but we could make it work much better.
  • Broken: this should work, but it doesn't.
  • Never: this can't work, or we won't implement it any time soon.

Each manual, workaround, or broken feature should also have a ticket.

Client Connection to Entry Nodes

What does a client on IPv6 need to do to bootstrap off or connect to each type of entry node?

Entry Node IPv4 Only Dual-Stack via IPv4 Dual-Stack via IPv6 IPv6 Only
Authority Dir Auto Auto Manual (ClientPreferIPv6 1) #17835 Manual (ClientUseIPv4 0) #17835
Fallback Dir Auto Auto Manual (ClientPreferIPv6 1) #17835 Manual (ClientUseIPv4 0) #17835
Guard microdesc Auto Auto Workaround #19610, #20916 Workaround #19610, #20916
Guard OR Auto Auto Manual (ClientPreferIPv6 1) #17835 Manual (ClientUseIPv4 0) #17835
Bridge OR Auto (Bridge IPv4) Auto (Bridge IPv4) Auto (Bridge IPv6) Auto (Bridge IPv6)
Bridge PT Auto (Bridge IPv4) Auto (Bridge IPv4) Workaround (Bridge IPv6), #7961 Workaround (Bridge IPv6) #7961