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Tor Check is It's a site where one can find out whether or not their web browser is using Tor successfully. The code repository is at

TODO list

  • Make a separate page to be the homepage for TBB users -- something that jumpstarts them into understanding Tor and knowing what's going on. Right now their homepage has weird confusing dnsel links, rather than the statement "your tor is working, you can go to any page you want now and you'll be browsing privately." (#1596)
  • Figure out some way to learn how often we have false negatives. We used to get lots of reports of them. Now not so many. I wonder why.  Maybe a "false positive?" link from the page, plus better logs of what opinions tordnsel had at each point. (#1597)
  • Others have suggested we turn this into a Tor portal which lists recent events, news, helpful advice, and advertisements for related services (#1598)
  • The page needs to be very lightweight and quick to load to allow for those on limited bandwidth connections to be able to use it. (#1599)
  • It cannot use javascript, cookies, or other tracking mechanisms. (#1599)
  • Do we somehow integrate a version check for TBB, such if if the user TBB is old, they can update it via check.tpo?
  • It should look like the rest of the main tor website in look and feel. (#1560)