TorStatus is a website display used to summarize metrics about the Tor Network. It's a precursor to The code repository is at Example running sites are Blutmagie and Xenobite.


  • Torstatus's relay listings should look in extrainfo descriptors and figure out the average actual bandwidth used by the relay. That's the main bandwidth number it should show when ranking and sorting the relays. Maybe the best way is to add another column which just shows a number of the bandwidth the relay is advertising. (#1601)
  • I think torstatus still uses its own "Tor Check" variant. We should make it use the tordnsel instead (e.g. via fetching the list of current IP addresses from the bulk exitlist and comparing locally). (#1602)
  • Set up a run of torstatus trunk (#1603)
  • Document in a readme how to get it up and running (#1604)
  • Rewrite torstatus into something other than PHP. Suggestions are Ruby on Rails or Django. (#1605)
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