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This is a work in progress. It's a result of a discussion at the mini-Dev meeting in 2011. The idea is to start to delineate what we focus on as a non-profit company versus what the community can maintain and help develop going forward. We are happy to provide infrastructure (git, svn, archives, trac) and other support as we can for community-maintained products. We'd rather have an open discussion than develop it in secret and surprise everyone with it.

Company Products

This is stuff that we're actively funding at least one person to work on, or devoting paid developer time to work on. The company needs to do what it takes to make sure they're high quality and well researched.



  • Tor Browser Bundle
  • Vidalia
  • Torbutton
  • Thandy
  • Translations
  • Packaging bundles & builds
  • Torsocks
  • Orbot & Orlib


  • gettor
  • website


  • tor
  • Hidden services
  • Metrics


  • Exit Scanner (soat)
  • Bandwidth Authority
  • Weather


  • Unit tests
  • Network testing/simulator

Community Products

These projects are outside the scope of what we're funding right now. A few are stalled; others are high-quality active stuff that is doing well on a volunteer-led basis.

  • arm
  • TorBEL
  • TorDNSEL
  • packaging architectures and operating systems we can't build ourselves
  • JTor
  • TorCtl
  • TorCheck