October 2013 until October 2014


Pantheon is a series of connected sponsored efforts to improve the security and usability of Torbrowser.

Artemis? is work to use Persona/BrowserID issue rate-limited or valuabe opaque tokens so that sites can deal with Tor users more easily.

Chronos is our work to build a secure automatic updater.

Demeter? is improvements to the Firefox guts inside Trobrowser, and development of additional APIs.

Erebos? is improvements to the integration of pluggable transports and bridges.

Hephaestus? is improvements to our deterministic build process and infrastructure.

Metis? is the implementation of several UX improvements to Torbrowser's bundled add-ons, and other add-on work.

Prometheus? covers the process and work of merging relevant improvements back upstream into Firefox.

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