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Project Title: Observing and Responding to Internet Censorship Around the World

Project Period: October 1, 2017 - October 31, 2019

Project Goals/Activities

This projects aims to provide timely evidence of internet censorship events around the world, enabling members of the Internet freedom community to rapidly respond to such events in promotion and protection of human rights and democracy.

  1. Expand the breadth and granularity of coverage of global censorship events

1.1 Build and release a native Windows application for ooniprobe

1.2 Build and release a native macOS application for ooniprobe

1.3 Create a methodology for the automatic examination of internet blackouts

1.4 Improve upon mobile apps

1.5 Research and implement new tests

1.6 Have a more seamless integration between mobile and desktop apps

1.7 Engage a UI/UX designer to perform a review of both the mobile and desktop apps to improve their usability and the overall design of the software

  1. Provide timely evidence of global censorship events and promote rapid response

2.1 Improve data analysis capabilities

2.2 Create censorship alert system

2.3 Improve server infrastructure

  1. Empower censorship research participation

3.1 Establish partnerships covering 20 additional countries

3.2 Review test lists for 20 additional countries

3.3 Publish blogs and reports for 20 countries

Project Tracking

Monthly reports are sent to the funder to track this project.

Project Completion 

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