Sponsor 20

Project Title: OONI Global Internet Censorship Measurement Consortium

Project Period: August 24, 2017 - March 31, 2019

Project Goals/Activities

OONI will be:

  1. Collaborating with members of the consortium to enable them to run experiments on our vantage points;
  2. Attending meetings with the other consortium members;
  3. Collaborating on joint press statements and cross-post research reports;
  4. Providing a description of the data that OONI generates, including an analysis of the data generated during the term of this report;
  5. Implementing or adapting REST API endpoints that are useful to consume the data;
  6. Reviewing any new tests by the Berkman Centre and potentially merging them into ooniprobe mobile and desktop apps;
  7. Keeping everybody informed on what OONI is doing.

OONI will be engaged as a member of this consortium for the duration of 24 months from the date in which the agreement is signed.

Project Tracking

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