Sponsor 23

Project Title: Library Freedom Institute

Project Period: December 1, 2019 - November 30, 2020 (Continuation of Sponsor 14)

Project Goals/Activities

  1. Task: Revise and evaluate our six-month curriculum to conduct another round of Library Freedom Institute, amended for a slightly shorter duration of four months in order to attract participants who cannot commit to the full six-month timeline.
  2. Deliverable: Library Freedom Institute, cohort three
  1. Task: Evaluate, revise, and conduct another four-month Library Freedom Institute
  2. Deliverable: Library Freedom Institute, cohort four
  1. Task: Re-package and re-purpose completed LFI participant assignments so that they can be made available to the wider library community.
  2. Deliverable: High quality privacy resources such as posters, fliers, slides, and other print and digital material
  1. Task: Select a group of LFI participants to attend both library and privacy professional conferences to give presentations about their training and to develop deeper connections with the privacy advocacy community.
  2. Deliverable: Presentations about LFI at major conferences resulting in greater exposure in the library and privacy worlds
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