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Project Title: Resilient Anonymous Communication for Everyone

Project Period: 5/1/2019 - 5/1/2023

Teams involved:

  • network
  • anti-censorship

Project Goals/Activities

  • Obfuscated Communication

Project Tracking


Tickets related

Sponsor: Sponsor28 (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Keywords Priority
#30830 Modify snowflake broker logs to make them easier to process for measurements new logs, stats Medium
#30867 Write proxy-go tests to cover existing implementation assigned cohosh tests, snowflake Medium
#30878 Set up snowbox to simulate censorship assigned cohosh ex-sponsor-19 Medium

Sponsor: Sponsor28-can (23 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Keywords Priority
#7349 Obfsbridges should be able to "disable" their ORPort new tor-bridge, SponsorZ, tor-pt, proposal-needed, censorship, sponsor19, 040-roadmap-proposed, anti-censorship-roadmap Very High
#19001 Tor Browser with Snowflake new ex-sponsor-19 Very High
#21315 publish some realtime stats from the broker? needs_review cohosh anti-censorship-roadmap Medium
#25429 Need something better than client's `checkForStaleness` assigned cohosh ex-sponsor-19, anti-censorship-roadmap Medium
#25483 Windows reproducible build of snowflake accepted cohosh TorBrowserTeam201805, ex-sponsor-19, anti-censorship-roadmap High
#25593 Broker needs better resilience against DoS new ex-sponsor-19 Medium
#25595 Test suite for Snowflake on various NAT topologies new anti-censorship-roadmap Medium
#25601 Multiplex - one snowflake proxy should be able to support multiple clients new snowflake, tor-pt, ex-sponsor-19 Medium
#25681 Defend against flooding of the broker by low bandwidth snowflakes new anti-censorship-roadmap Medium
#26920 Deploy Marionette as a Pluggable Transport new tbb-team Marionette, tor-pt, ex-sponsor-19 Medium
#26923 Intent to create Pluggable Transport: HTTPS proxy new pt, httpsproxy, anti-censorship-roadmap Medium
#28018 Improve accuracy and usefulness of information reported to controllers about bootstrap status assigned catalyst network-team-roadmap-2019-Q1Q2, bootstrap High
#28533 bridgesdb: replace the message to mail support with a link to the documentation assigned phw ex-sponsor-19 High
#28672 Android reproducible build of Snowflake needs_revision tbb-mobile, tbb-rbm, GeorgKoppen201904, ex-sponsor-19, TorBrowserTeam201906 Medium
#28803 Integrate building pluggable transports for Android into tor-browser-build needs_revision tbb-team tbb-rbm, tbb-mobile, TBA-a3, tor-pt, tbb-parity, TorBrowserTeam201906 High
#28942 Evaluate pion WebRTC assigned cohosh ex-sponsor-19 Medium
#29112 PTs should pass user count events back to Tor new 041-deferred-20190530, ex-sponsor-19 Medium
#29245 Tor 0.4 eventually hits "Delaying directory fetches: No running bridges" after some period of inactivity with bridges new 040-regression, snowflake, 040-deferred-20190220, ex-sponsor-19 Medium
#29267 CI for pluggable transports new CI, PTs, anti-censorship-roadmap, ex-sponsor19 Medium
#29287 Have backup PT in pipeline new Low
#30368 Run some tests to check reachability of snowflake proxies assigned cohosh anti-censorship-roadmap Medium
#30794 Create lightweight censorship analyser for users assigned phw tbb-bridges Medium
#30860 Add a chutney job that runs on macOS, so that IPv6 chutney tests work assigned teor CI, PTs, 029-backport, 035-backport, 040-backport, network-team-roadmap-2019-Q1Q2, tor-ci Medium

Sponsor: Sponsor28-must (21 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Keywords Priority
#5304 Obfsproxy should respect OutboundBindAddress in torrc merge_ready needs-spec-change needs-tor-change, anti-censorship-roadmap Medium
#20813 Start producing snowflakes new anti-censorship-roadmap High
#23888 Creating a Snowflake WebExtension addon assigned arlolra ux-team, tor-pt, ex-sponsor-19,anti-censorship-roadmap Medium
#27385 is confusing new snowflake, ux-team, ex-sponsor-19 High
#28849 Handle dormant mode in process library and for PT's needs_review 042-proposed, network-team-roadmap-2019-Q1Q2 High
#29111 Optional heartbeat message from PT's new Low
#29205 Look into using Firefox for the WebRTC implementation new ex-sponsor-19 Medium
#29206 New design for client -- proxy protocol for Snowflake needs_review cohosh ex-sponsor-19, anti-censorship-roadmap Medium
#29207 New design for broker -- proxy protocol for snowflakes assigned ahf snowflake, design, ex-sponsor-19, anti-censorship-roadmap Very High
#29258 What is the IPv6 story with Snowflake new anti-censorship-roadmap Medium
#29259 Ensure high test coverage for Snowflake assigned cohosh ex-sponsor-19, anti-censorship-roadmap Medium
#29260 Should Snowflake proxies have a way to identify themselves to the broker assigned ahf ex-sponsor-19, anti-censorship-roadmap Medium
#29262 Look into the network layer of WebRTC new ex-sponsor-19 Medium
#29272 Assess Marionette for interation with Tor new Low
#29285 Improve the PT spec and how PTs interface with Tor assigned phw network-team-roadmap-2019-Q1Q2, anti-censorship-roadmap High
#29293 New Design for client -- broker protocol for Snowflake new snowflake, bridges, broker, ex-sponsor-19 High
#29734 Broker should receive country stats information from Proxy and Client merge_ready cohosh snowflake, geoip, stats Medium
#29736 Use WebSocket protocol to communicate between snowflake proxies and broker assigned ahf snowflake, websocket, ex-sponsor-19, anti-censorship-roadmap Medium
#30471 Improve UX for obfs4 bridge operation new anti-censorship-roadmap Medium
#30708 Create a docker image for obfs4proxy assigned phw anti-censorship-roadmap, sponsor28 Medium
#30716 Improve the obfs4 obfuscation protocol assigned phw sponsor28, anti-censorship-roadmap High

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