Sponsor 32

Title - Torbirdy Sukhbir

Contract time: December 16, 2018 - December 15, 2019

Objectives and activities

One time payment of $5k to Sukhbir to keep maintaining TorBirdy which is a plugin to connect your email client Thunderbird with Tor.

TorBirdy is an attempt to solve the problem of a safe, secure, and easy-to-use email client available in multiple languages. It is an extension for Mozilla Thunderbird, that configures Thunderbird to make secure connections over the Tor anonymity network (for location privacy)

The Grant is to be used as follows:

. Support of including keeping up-to-date with the changes to Mozilla Thunderbird. A key part of this process is to ensure compatibility with the API changes upstream, example being

. Audit TorBirdy to make sure that new releases of Thunderbird have not introduced privacy concerns not known by TorBirdy.


Will send completion report to Mozilla.

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