September 30 2016 - March 31 2017


Deliverables are organized by milestones listed bellow.

Milestone 1: Dec 23rd

Completion of the Alpha release of Security Slider configuration component.

September 2016

  • Review Tor Browser "Tor Button" code including Security Slider (More info on TB Security Slider at #9387)
  • Begin to port Security Slider code to Android software platform. (Ticket for FE dev #20815)
    • create ux for security slider on mobile (wireframes)

October 2016

  • Continue porting Security Slider code for Android platform.
    • created FE code based on wireframes
  • Identify tasks for future porting of other desktop Tor Browser "Tor Button" functionalities to mobile Tor Browser.
  • Identify candidate UX workshop partner organizations in target countries - DONE - India - Brasil (maybe Colombia)

November 2016

  • Contact UX workshop partner candidates and confirm availability (Brazil, India).
  • Continue developing Security Slider functionality and user interface components on Android.
    • Finish FE
    • Work on BE

Milestone 2: 27 Jan 2017

Completion of stable release of Security Slider configuration component.

December 2016

  • Complete porting Security Slider code to Android.
  • Perform software QA (functional and integration tests) on Security Slider functionality.
  • Finalize logistics of UX workshop meetings.

Milestone 3: 28 Feb 2017

Completion of Usability Workshops in target countries.

January 2017

  • Provide materials, guidance, and administrative and logistical support for UX testing partners.

Milestone 4: 31 March 2017

a) Completion of usability improvements from workshop feedback. b) Submission of the Final Report of all activities and results.

February 2017

  • Review, triage, and functionally translate feedback from UX workshops.
  • Fix "Level 1" UX findings (visible errors and significant impediments to usability) in the Security Slider component of the mobile browser.


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