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September 2010 - September 2012


  1. Develop targeted campaigns for users in the country to understand what the national firewall is, how to circumvent it, and to promote Tor as a solution. (partner)
  2. Develop educational materials to better train advocates for circumvention so they in turn can teach the general public. (tor and partner)
  3. Translate materials and software into native languages so users can better understand the concepts, technologies, and goals. (tor and partner)
  4. Deploy Tor relays for users. These targeted relays will be located around the network peering points of the users to enable access to the uncensored Internet. We will scale up or down based upon traffic demands. This involves hosting, bandwidth, and administration costs of the servers. (partner)
  5. Initiate an extensive in-country propagation strategy with relevant social media tools and blogs to maximize the use of Tor. (partner)
  6. Further develop better tracking of bridge reachability. Better and more automated measurement tools for track when bridges are actually up, and actually reachable from inside target countries. “Actually up” is quite straightforward: we already do simple reachability testing from the bridge authority. Tracking reachability from inside target countries will be a statistical challenge based on how many details we can collect from the bridges themselves. (tor)
  7. Deliver a Tor client as a bridge by default, if the client finds itself reachable to the greater Internet. This will vastly expand the resources available to Tor users in restrictive regimes. (tor)
  8. Through actively engaging with our target communities and active monitoring of civil society movements and forums, the project will gather real-time information on internet censorship, surveillance and pertinent security risks. (tor and partner)
  9. Provide authoritative commentary and guidance on how to best address these issues. This information will be made available online, and distributed through our networks to improve awareness and education for human rights defenders and civil society. (tor and partner)


  1. Phase 1. Ramp up. Complete March 15, 2011. Covers Sep 15, 2010 - March 15, 2011.
    1. Goals for this period are to:
      1. develop the studies and targeted campaign strategies used for the next two phases.  
      2. plan the first two trainings and think about materials and people needed for success.
      3. Develop the design and specifications related to coding for deliverables 6 and 7.
      4. identify the blogs and other social media sites to target as a first attempt at deliverables 5 and 8.
      5. plan, quote, and start to deploy tor relays for users in the target region.
      6. identify the target communities and movements to monitor and provide advice and summaries of
      7. start an assessment of how censorship is conducted in the target region.
  2. Phase 2. Complete September 15, 2011. Covers March 16, 2011 - Sep 15, 2011.
  3. Phase 3. Complete March 15, 2012. Covers September 16, 2011 - March 15, 2012.
  4. Phase 4. Ramp down. Complete April 30, 2012. Covers March 16, 2012 - April 30, 2012.
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