Deliverable List for Sponsor E, September 15, 2011


  1. Translation infrastructure:
    • Done: There's no development work that needs doing to help our partner translate our software. The translation status for Arabic and Farsi as of September 8, 2011 is listed here. [Runa]

Tor Relay

  1. IPv6
    • Done: Posted IPv6 challenges for Tor on the blog. [Nick]


  1. Excito B3
    • Done: Waiting for Excito to release the B3 with Tor installed. [Runa]
    • Deferred: Need to find testers and support them during a test phase. Pending on Excito (release planned for end of September); deferred until March 2012. Progress, plan for tester selection, support and feedback is documented on doc/Torouter/ExcitoB3. [Runa]
  1. Cloud images
    • Done: Develop Amazon cloud images for non-technical users (#3033). Progress is documented on doc/AmazonCloud [Runa, SiNA]
    • Done: Estimate average/maximum cost of running a bridge in the cloud (#3574). The answer is; about $30 if you write/read 10GB a week. [Runa]
    • Done: Experiment with change-my-IP interface. See #3606. Users can get a new IP address by stopping and starting their EC2 instance. [Runa]

Tor bundles/installation

  1. Bridge/Relay-by-default bundles


  1. Bridge reachability
    • Done: Wrote a case study to analyze whether we can detect that a bridge is blocked by looking at the stats the bridge reports (#4030). [karsten]
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