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There is a pad for collective note taking:

Milestone 3:

  beta release of ooni-probe on m-lab.
  beta release of ooni-probe client to users.
  streamlined data collection.
  progress report to date.

High Level Meeting Overview:

Assess immediate situation. Figure out most direct path to deliver. Discuss future tasks and requirements and available resources. Discuss Roger's recent email on the topic.

Tasks to do during this call:

  • Discuss strategy/plan for milestone 3:
  • Get the low-down from Andrew
  • Determine OONI beta release date (MLAB)
  • before/after/during Tor Dev Meeting ( ~ 3 weeks from now )?
  • Determine/Agree on the feasible minimum set of tasks
  • Get commitment from developers on availability for next 1<n<=3 weeks
  • Assign names to tickets / Ticket Triage / Push everything else
  • Assign roles to people: who should be responsible for what part of the project.
    • Possible roles:
      • oonib collector developer
      • oonib test helper developer
      • ooniprobe test writer
      • ooni infrastructure maintainer
  • Discuss where we want to be by milestone 4
  • Realize that this is ~ 1 month after Tor dev meeting and bounded by travel.
  • What are we going to deliver by this deadline?
  • Cross platform packaging.
  • GUI, how (tkinter, HTML5/JS)?
  • OONI website
  • Other?
  • Discuss Budget and Hiring
  • Discuss Hiring
  • Set date for next call

Tasks to do to prepare for the call:

  • Collect/Create tickets from user feedback
  • Create tickets for simple test types
  • Examine requirements for MLAB data collection
  • Identify blocking tickets and ticket priority
  • Review emails between MLAB and ooni devs
  • Create a wiki page for notes
  • take a wild stab at triaging/prioritizing tickets
  • Make a setup script to deploy oonib on the m-lab nodes
  • Setup oonib and ooniprobe on some machines offerred by the leap project.
  • Do a better job at documenting what we currently have
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