Sponsor K


2011-09-01 to 2013-02-28


# Project Goals

  1. Improve usability and security of Tails for end-users:
    • Research, design, implementation and testing of: optional persistent encrypted file system stored on removable media
    • more language support (esp. Asian and Middle-eastern languages)
    • support for ISPs with http login
    • easy and secure email support
    • portable virtualisation for Windows
    • Windows-like camouflage
  1. Maintenance.
    • Make bug fix releases when necessary.
    • Make new point releases of Tails for pushing new features to the users.
    • Testing all new releases according to our release process.
  1. Community work and staying up to date with upstream.
    • Keep track of security advisories and relevant security research.
    • Follow up on user requests and community contributions.
  1. Implementing an automatic testing and auditing framework.
    • Research, design and implementation.
  1. Distributing Tails to activists through secure channels.
    • Install Tails on USB drives, and distribute them to people in need.
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