This document will contain Sikuli scripts to produce Tor Browser videos, issues we ran into and ideas we would like to implement.

Known issues on OS X (Sikuli 1.1.0 nightly):

Known issues on Windows (Sikuli 1.0.1 stable):

Known issues on Linux(Sikuli 1.0.1 stable):

TODO list:

  1. Write a python VM preparation script. The script will be responsible for installing the prerequisites like Java, Sikuli stable and python on each OS and make sure they are functional. (No progress.)
  2. Write a Sikuli script for each OS to automate Tor Browser's videos (Download, Verify + install, bypassing firewalls and finally best practices). The script should also incorporate a function that will switch the OS' language and re-records the video again using the corresponding language. (Being held back by bugs.)
  3. Write a python cleanup script. (No progress.)

Ideas to implement:

  • Fake file downloads (local webserver or MitM (Asked Mark smith and he confirmed that this will be a problem. However, Kathy might find a solution.)
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