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September 2013 - August 2018


Notes from 2014 Dev Meeting

measure relay level stats

  • bandwidth/ewma on circuits, or connections, exit connections
  • num circuits exiting Tor
  • num hidden service rendezvous
  • fraction of circs that are hidden service circs over last 24 hours

measure user statistics/model

  • how many are online (countMe)
  • how often online and how often they stay away (churn)


  • aggregate
  • better to not store stats in RAM for a long time
  • differential privacy -> add noise so that at any point, it is safe (in RAM or not)
  • anything collected about clients needs to be clear why it benefits clients
  • collaborative client/guard scheme
  • separate processes? simpler implementation with ec already in Tor

there is a large gap between what makes an acceptable (interesting to researchers) diffpriv system and what should be implemented and maintained in Tor. how do we bridge the gap?

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