• Statistics
    • finalize current stats by tweaking unit tests, closing proposal 238, and updating dir-spec.txt - [karsten, george]
    • finalize processing current stats, ideally adding some metric that shows how confident we are about our extrapolation - [karsten]
    • discuss getting the current stats enabled by default in tor 0.2.6 or 0.2.7 - [karsten, george, dgoulet]
    • get the current stats graphed and kept up-to-date on, including adding support for parsing stats to Java/Python parsing libraries - [karsten, SOMEONE_WHO_ENJOYS_CRUNCHING_NUMBERS_PLEASE (this is fun!)]
    • finally publish and blog about existing technical reports on statistics collection: ("Hidden-service statistics reported by relays" and "Extrapolating network totals from hidden-service statistics") - [karsten, george, aaron]
    • discuss collecting additional statistics and implement if considered safe, including especially the following: - [karsten, george, aaron, dgoulet]
    • for statistics that currently can't be collected safely (e.g. descriptor fetch and IP stats), do one of the following: (i) choose one of the proposed simple aggregation schemes and implement, (ii) develop a new aggregation scheme, or (iii) determine that developing a new scheme is beyond us for this quarter - [karsten, george, aaron]
  • Performance
  • Correctness - [dgoulet]
    • Fix known problems in the code that we found while working on statistics, performance, or security.
      • That's mostly the Tickets section below.
    • Implement an HSDir health measurement tool (#13209)
  • Security
    • HSDir randomness (#8244) [george]
    • Getting the HSDir flag should require more effort (#8243) [george]
    • decide about implementing secure bandwidth measurement (TBD after 2/23/15) - [karsten, aaron, george, robgjansen]
  • Opt-in HS publishing (We need to find a good phrase for this!!!)
    • Initial research and development on ways for public hidden services to opt-in announce themselves to the world. [george, dgoulet]
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