Security and Privacy Improvements (task 5.1)

  • Experiment with the PartitionAlloc memory allocator and get it together with Mozilla into a usable state for official Firefox builds.
  • Experiment with hardened builds using new compiler options available in later GCC versions (ASan, UBSan, Virtual Table Verification).
  • Improve the security and package authentication properties of the Tor Browser updater.
  • Adapt extensions and patches to Firefox' multi-process architecture.
  • Improve fingerprinting and tracking defenses in Tor Browser.
  • Evaluate new Firefox features for privacy and fingerprintability.

Overall Usability (task 5.2)

  • Prioritize tasks according to feedback from the support helpdesk.
  • Improve the privacy, security and configuration UI (making it simpler, reducing options and eliminating technical jargon).
  • Investigate native code signing for Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Investigate frequent issues encountered on specific websites due to our privacy changes.

Patch cleanup and Merge work (task 5.3)

  • Follow Mozilla's requests to adapt patches (e.g. augment them to be active in Private Browsing Mode only).
  • Move all privacy features out of Torbutton into C++ patches or a non-Tor extension.
  • Adapt current patches and create new ones to be able to switch Tor Browser to Firefox 38ESR and Firefox 45ESR respectively.

Tor Browser Quality Assurance and Testing (task 5.4)

  • Add tests for regressions as they are encountered and use the ASan instrumented and hardened builds to help find memory issues earlier in the development process.
  • Better integration of Mozilla’s existing testing suites in own automation framework.
  • Automated testing coverage for Mac and Windows.
  • Given multi-platform automation support crowdsource automated testing to cover highly customized Windows and Mac versions found in the wild.
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