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    1414 - Release software (e.g. Tor) that includes fixes based on the research papers
    1515 - Work with Micah Sherr and Rob Jansen
     17= Tentative Roadmap =
     19Guard discovery attacks are currently believed to be the most serious threat to anonymity and availability of the Tor network. The full scope and vectors for these attacks are not yet fully understood, but we are collecting tickets for the [ most severe vectors].
     21This roadmap is a living document. We still do not understand the full scope of attacks and fixes for guard discovery attacks, and other attacks that are also in scope of this sponsor may appear at any time. No plan survives contact with the enemy.
     23== Short Term ==
     25Our plan is to fix lowest hanging fruit first. Because Proposal 247 requires quite a bit of performance tuning, but will still provide improved security without completing that tuning, we are going to aim to support an external implementation through an add-on Tor Controller and torrc options. This Tor controller will also be used for performance evaluation.
     27The set of development work for this is:
     31Additionally, a few relatively simple changes can also be completed on the 0.3.2/0.3.3 timescale that should address other vectors relating to our statistics reporting and gathering:
     37== Long Term ==
     39After 0.3.3,
     41=== Research Roadmap ===