These are instructions for setting up a Snowflake bridge on Debian 10.

Sorry, these instructions are incomplete. Currently they only document the systemctl edit and setcap commands that are necessary to allow snowflake-server to bind to ports 80 and 443.

Override the NoNewPrivileges setting to enable snowflake-server to bind to low-numbered ports. (See #18356 for background.)

root# systemctl edit tor@.service
root# systemctl edit tor@default.service

Install snowflake-server. Run a setcap command to enable the program to bind to low-numbered ports.

root# install --owner root snowflake-server /usr/local/bin/snowflake-server
root# setcap 'cap_net_bind_service=+ep' /usr/local/bin/snowflake-server
root# service tor restart
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