Broker survival guide

IP addresses

SSH fingerprints

RSA:    2048 SHA256:dp0Xo/oN1qZfMuZnqgKEbeOsbU2qpDR60B5MLIRaAgg
DSA:    1024 SHA256:DF5ofogjGur02gv8/ciU3wFA+YHNuAhUlel9Uv2KBlo
ECDSA:   256 SHA256:6cskO6ch/kv2RbIMhTdwqpsd9vB8npzlZTlkWZJLoek
ED25519: 256 SHA256:fEkLvmu5woTvU6162I8Jxd2eHzsTnBshumtWICclWA4

The broker is managed by runit. It's the only service running on the host. To upgrade the broker:

  1. sv stop snowflake-broker
  2. install --owner root ~/new-broker /usr/local/bin/broker
  3. sv start snowflake-broker

Logs are under /var/log/snowflake-broker.

Firewall configuration is in /etc/ferm/ferm.conf. Run service ferm restart after making changes.

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