Communications Team


The Communications Team is responsible for spreading the word about Tor, leading cross-platform campaigns, writing and editing core messaging, editing and publishing blog posts, running our social media accounts, reaching out to the press, and responding to press inquiries.

The Communications Team assures we are regularly communicating about Tor and what we believe in, with consistency in voice, messaging, and branding across all of our communications platforms. Tor is part of a larger ecosystem, so that also means we often publicly engage with other organizations fighting for and defending related causes. The Comms Team interacts with all other teams at Tor to some degree but most frequently collaborates with the Fundraising, UX, and Community Teams.



Stephanie Whited Communications Director
email steph at tor project dot org
IRC stephw

Isabela Bagueros Executive Director
email isabela at tor project dot org
IRC isabela

Sarah Stevenson Fundraising Director
email sstevenson at tor project dot org
IRC sstevenson

Reach Out

The best way to contact the Communications Team is to email comms at tor project dot org. There are a few other people on the alias who can jump in and help with feedback or other concerns when necessary.

A few reasons you may want to email comms or ping stephw on IRC:

  • Talk over a blog post idea
  • Share news related to our work that we may want to respond to or promote on social media
  • Share an advocacy opportunity, like a letter that we can sign on to that's aligned with our mission
  • Have an event you're speaking at added to the event calendar and shared socially
  • Get help creating a meetup flyer
  • Get help preparing or reviewing a presentation or prepping for a media interview
  • Schedule a time to practice how you talk about Tor
  • Have any other idea, suggestion, or question related to Tor comms -- go for it!

Blog Posts

If you'd like to write a blog post, please propose it to the comms team or ping stephw first on IRC to talk it over. Once a blog post idea has been accepted, please allow at least 3 days for a post to be reviewed before publishing.

Example Campaign Cycle

After all necessary elements are prepared (messaging, content, visuals, etc), here's the general flow of a campaign launch and comms cycle:

  • Publish blog post
  • Reach out to press (may send embargoed press release prior to launch)
  • Alert community and engage partners
  • Post across social media over a designated timeframe (specific to each platform)
  • Respond to engagement/inquiries
  • Compile into next newsletter



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