Documentation Hackathon

Monday 2nd September 00:00UTC to Friday 6th September 23:59UTC

How to participate

  1. Pre-register to get access to create and comment on issues in gitlab - This is not strictly necessary for participating
  2. Take a look at all of the tickets marked with the "DocsHackathon" keyword on gitlab
  3. If you have a documentation issue that is not currently reflected in trac, gitlab or github, create it, tag it and let one of us know on #tor-www so we can assign some points to it.
  4. Choose a ticket and start working on it! You can submit PRs on github or register on our gitlab instance to submit merge requests there.
  5. Join us on irc channel #tor-www.

A contribution will be counted when your PR or merge request is merged to the master branch of the relevant repository.

Contributions submitted outside of those times (whether or not they are eventually merged) will not count towards the contribution points total.

Hackathon details

Each day during the hackathon week will be dedicated to a particular website:

We're going to award Tor T-shirts to the top 3 contributors and there’ll be a few other prizes for special contributions during the week.

At the end of the week we will tally up all contributions and points (harder tasks award more points!) and award prizes to the top 3 contributors for the week. There may also be additional prizes for exceptional contributions throughout the week.

How to get started


You are good at writing but not really familiar with git

No problem! Each page on our website has a link where you can easily submit a correction.


You are good at writing and have some technical skills.


You are good at writing and can find your way around code.

Tips to make a successful contribution

  • Many self contained, well commented commits are easier to review and make it more likely for your contribution to be counted and accepted
  • Please add a short and clear title and explanation on the commit. A commit with the title: Updates to does not say much about your intentions.
  • What you did can be seen with the diff. Try to explain why you did something.
  • Always pull before submitting a branch, because things may have changed


What happens if there is an issue that I’ve identified but there is no existing ticket for it?

Please create the ticket and let one of us know on #tor-www. One of our team will take a look and assign a number of points to it You can create the ticket

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