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Subject: Welcome to Tor's DocsHackathon!


First of all, we're very grateful for your availability to help Tor improve its documentation.

During the next week, from Monday to Friday, we're going to work on issues of three distinct projects:

In order to help us, you will need to do some homework:

  • 1. Get familiar with the portals content: read the documentation. The more you become familiar with it, the easier it will be to find and fix problems.
  • 2. Read the tickets: look at all the issues (+103) that were already identified (and maybe you find some more issues!) -
  • 3. Try IRC *before* Monday: IRC is a way to communicate with our team and you can announce on what are you working and chat with us. See Help section below.
  • 4. Subscribe to the Community Team mailing list:
  • 5. Try Git: all our projects are in git repositories and you will need to submit the content using this tool. If you never used Git or GitHub before, see Help section below.

If you have any questions, you can reply to this message or write to us:

  • privately: send us an email - name at
  • publicly: send an email to tor-community-team mailing list
  • in real time: on IRC channel #tor-www in

I hope we all have a great hackathon!

The Tor Project Community Team

# Tor DocsHackathon Help

## Gitlab

If you want to use our Gitlab instance ( to assign tickets and make comments, you need to answer this email requesting an account. Otherwise, you can submit Pull Requests in GitHub with the ticket number in the commit message, for example:"Fix ticket #33"

## IRC

First time on IRC? Check our documentation:

Join us at #tor-www in

ps: Because we use a persistent IRC session, many of us are idle on the channel. So, we're not ignoring you, we are just offline.

## Git

If you're going to use GitHub to submit your changes (pull requests), we recommend you reading this:

## Lektor (advanced)

These projects all use Lektor, a static content generator. If you need or want to build a local version of the website, you will need to follow these instructions:
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