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Global South

Welcome to the Global South page. The goal of this initiative is to get more people from the Global South involved in the Tor community (as users, relay operators, developers, trainers, etc). We also want to recognize and work with the people who are already doing great work related to Tor and the Tor ecosystem in their communities.

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What When Where Event Notes More Info
CryptoRave 2017 May 5-6 Sao Paulo, Brazil Event Notes
Tor Gathering May 11 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dialogue about mechanisms of privacy and anonymity online May 17 UNAM, Mexico Event Video, Event Notes
CryptoFesta - Tor meetup August 26 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Introdução sobre privacidade na internet e Tor September 23 Teresina, PI, Brazil Presentation Slides (Portuguese)
I semana de computação - Introdução sobre o Tor September 27 Caxias, MA, Brazil
Tor meetup October 4 Buenos Aires, Argentina Event Notes
Tor meetup October 27 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Encontro Unificado de Computação (ENUCOMP) November 15-17 Parnaíba, Brazil Presentation Slides
V International Symposium LAVITS 2017 November 29 - December 01 Santiago, Chile Event Notes
Primavera Hacker 17 December 02 - 03 Santiago, Chile Event Notes


  • Tor Relay Campaign in Latin America

A "run a relay" campaign focused in Latin America to teach about Tor, its use cases, and how to help the network by running relays (hopefully exit relays). The target audience for this campaign is mainly universities, as they probably have the bandwidth and technical skills for hosting a relay. For the moment, this campaign will be done by Derechos Digitales, but we are looking for more allies in the region.

  • Global South Tor Trainer Support

We are working with trainers in several areas of the Global South, including South Asia, East Africa, and MENA, providing travel funding and guidance in support of their local Tor trainings. Through this initiative we're hoping to grow the network of Tor users and trainers and get much-needed usability feedback so that we can build our tools specific to the needs of people in the south.



Topic When Where Meeting Notes More Info
CryptoRave 2018 26-02-2018 #tor-south (OFTC IRC server) | Meeting Minutes Meeting Agenda