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1 CryptoRave and Unam university [MX]
  - some of gwolf's student group might attend CR; if they attend, they want
    to present their Tor-related research project and we should welcome them
    properly in activities we organize there
  - To check later → with jon, shari for funding (isabela will follow up on this)
  - Probably one Mexican student to attend; present the work we are doing
  - Important focus: Get connected with the global Tor community, start collaborating
    beyond the limits of our univ

2.1 Tor meeting in SP in November?
  - ACTION: add a discussion point at Rome's Tor meeting about this [isabela will first bring to vegas leads & tor meeting organizing team and follow up with folks via email]
  - Tor meetup is *not* annual tor meeting
2.2 Annual Tor meetup/gathering

3 Follow-up with relays and legal advice in LATAM [DerechosDigitales]
  - difficulty in finding trusted provider to host tor-relay in brazil [smb]
  - WIP to get support ($$$) to run relays in LATAM: legal, graphics, doc;
    but only in Spanish
  - ACTION: ilv sends material to tor-south for translation (e.g. into pt_BR)
    once it's ready

4 decide what Tor/Tails stuff we want to make happen at CryptoRave, and who will make it happen.
  - ACTION: submit a "Tails and Tor Browser install party" activity:
    provide USB sticks and help people install their own Tails/TB:
    jose-victor and drebs
    - there are 2 volunteers, they should ask in tails@ for buying usb sticks
  - the problem of the boot in tails [smb]
  - if you'd like some Tor swag I can (probably) coordinate [t0mmy]
  - idea of a "tor school" after the event. one or two full days to dissect the onion, so we can
    have a strong userbase in brazil [ggus]

  ACTION: drebs finds team-mates to submit and give 2 separate intro talks:
          1 about Tor, 1 about Tails

  ACTION: intrigeri submits Tails + Tor users meetup; we split the group
          in the beginning between Tails and TB users

  ACTION: intrigeri coordinates with isabela wrt. Tor users meetup
  ACTION: ggus submits a Tor+Tails volunteers / contributors / relay ops meetup

  ACTION: ilv prepares translated material/intro for volunteers and check with someone who actually speaks portuguese :D

  NOTE: sessions shoud be translated

5- improve the hacker (tor,tails,cryptorave) community internationally
  - ppl from cryptorave interested in joining next tor-meetings

6 - CryptoRave organizational needs
- spread the campaign
- international donnors

Decisions & tasks

* relay the crowdfunding:
  - ACTION: intrigeri checks with Tails if @Tails_live can retweet

Background: already submitted activities

There's already 4 Tor related activities made by 3 people:

1. 11 Tors e um segredo
2. Relay do Tor com Raspberry Pi 3
3. Tails, Tor, Deep Web e outros assuntos relacionados (para mulheres,
pessoas não-binárias e genderqueer)
4. Brasil 2018 - monitore a internet contra censura (from Isabela) not tor related as 'tpo organized' [will teach ooni here]
5. [not official] isabela and antonela want to do some user testing in a corner;
   intrigeri would like to lurk (and possibly help e.g. recruiting, observing,
   note-taking, bringing coffee :) 'cause developers should learn some UX
   methodology and see how their software works with human beings.

Background: Where this meeting comes from

The main outcome of the meeting would be that we know what sessions
will be proposed on
and by whom.

Entry points into the thread for those who join the discussion now:

 - December:
 - January:

There's quite some relevant background and discussion in there.

To sum up what we've discussed with gus so far on this thread, it
appears we need at least 3 events:

1. Introduction to Tor and Tails [talk]

   Ideally done in pt_BR and from a local perspective.
   I'm happy to help if I can be useful.

2. Tails users meetup [discussion]

   Main goal from my PoV: shut up, learn about users' needs, identify
   users who are OK with answering an intercept interview, schedule
   ad-hoc self-organized time to spend more time later with attendees
   who want to get involved in the Tails community (I'm staying a few
   days in Sampa after the event specifically to make room for that).

   I'd be happy to prepare and help structure this conversation but
   it'll be much better if we do this together with local people, in
   particular with those who are already active in the Tails community!

3. Tor users meetup

   Same as (2) but for Tor :)