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New content cycle

  • We aim to update once a month, starting on the 10th.
  • Community liaison (ggus) will bring the content to change.
  • Localization coordinator (emmapeel) and community liaison will ask others to review the modifications and then update the website.
  • Localization coordinator update translations in Transifex.

Reference: Community Team thread 201807

How to submit content changes

For content changes, you can open a trac ticket and choose the component: Community/Tor Support. Current tickets:

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Ticket Summary Owner
#33999 I can't finish installing Tor - Using Windows10 OS ggus

I downloaded Tor browser on my new laptop, but when I try to open and install it I keep getting a window to download Microsoft Edge which I already have. How do I open my download and install it?

#33943 bandwidth-shaping script link Path not found ggus

on page:

The link from last script, leads to nowhere. Path not found

#33875 versão do windows ggus

o tor não roda no windows 7 ?

#33154 Correct Support documentation that incorrectly states there is currently no supported method for setting Tor Browser as your default browser. tbb-team

Tor Support Portal Can I set Tor Browser as my default browser? There is currently no supported method for setting Tor Browser as your default browser.
On macOS Catalina Version 10.15.3, users of Tor Browser 9.0.4 can set Tor Browser as the default browser:
Apple SSD (or Apple HDD) > Applications > System > General > Default web browser: Tor
After a macOS user sets Tor Browser as the default browser, the user can read the following confirmation in Tor Browser:
Tor Browser > Preferences > General > Startup > Tor Browser is currently your default browser

#33044 Outreachy internship timeline PROTechThor

I'm rearranging the timeline of my Outreachy internship, keeping tracking of what's been done so far and upcoming tasks.

Month 1 (Dec 3 to Jan 3):

Month 2 (Jan 4 to Feb 4):

1 2 3 4


Don't see your question answered here? The best way to contact the Tor support team is to reach out to us on IRC in #tor on OFTC. If you've never been on IRC before, here are some instructions to get started. These instructions are for a Mozilla IRC server, so instead of you'll use OFTC. The OFTC server addresses are: (alternative ports: 6668-6670, 7000) or for SSL (alternative port: 9999) (we recommend SSL).

Once you get connected and create a nickname, you can join the channel #tor. More info on getting started on IRC. and here's some info on IRC conventions and etiquette. Once you're on the channel, simply ask your question, be patient, and whoever is available will help you

How do I reach the Tor Project press person?

Sending an email to press@… is the best way to reach a press person.

How do I report a bug or some other issue?

Bug reporting is done through filing tickets on our bug tracker. Unless it is a security bug, then email tor-security@….


Tor Browser Manual with step-by-step instructions on downloading and using Tor Browser. If you're a brand new Tor Browser user, start here!

Glossary of terms about and related to Tor


Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#33456 new Update Support Portal Onion Services section to include a question on HSv3 client authorization hiro pili
#33450 assigned Create a guide to help web site owners mitigate abuse from Tor without blocking non-abusive Tor users ggus jnewsome
#33384 new Create entry in for Onion-Location automatic redirects. hiro acat
#33340 new Typo in letterboxing page hiro boklm
#33278 new Need documentation for how to anonymously(safely) file a bug in hiro kxzjssuyyt
#31896 assigned Bad instructions in Support Portal, "How can I verify Tor Browser's signature?", discourage, deter, and prevent users on macOS from verifying the Signature of downloaded Tor Browser packages pili monmire
#31296 reopened simplify OpenPGP signature verification instructions ggus dkg
#31069 assigned Create onion auth entries in portals ggus antonela
#30080 reopened support portal: keep anchor when changing language hiro emmapeel
#29502 new Glossary on the support portal should be moved to the main menu hiro emmapeel
#29075 new Sort support glossary by target language hiro traumschule
#28499 assigned tb-manual: create redirects for old resources hiro emmapeel
#28065 accepted Tor web docs hiro hiro
#27562 new Detect the locale and automatically serve the language specific support portal hiro sukhbir

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