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    418418Setting up an obfsproxy bridge requires an additional software package and
    419419additional configurations. See
     420==== How do I run a obfs4 bridge on Debian? ====
     4211. Run "apt-get install tor obfs4proxy" (as root).
     4222. Make sure your clock, date, and timezone are set correctly. Intall
     423the ntp or openntpd (or similar) package to keep it that way.
     4243. Edit /etc/tor/torrc to look like the following:
     426## The IP address or hostname for incoming connections (leave commented
     427and Tor will guess)
     430## Set the nickname of this relay
     431Nickname ididnteditheconfig
     433## Set your own contact info
     434ContactInfo 0xFFFFFFFF Random Person <nobody AT example dot com>
     436BridgeRelay 1
     437ServerTransportPlugin obfs4 exec /usr/bin/obfs4proxy
     438ExtORPort auto
     439ORPort 9001
     441## Set your bandwidth rate (leave commented and Tor will run without
     442bandwidth caps)
     443#RelayBandwidthRate 30 MBytes
     444#RelayBandwidthBurst 100 MBytes
     4464. Run "service tor reload" (as root)
     4475. After your relay connects to the network, it will try to determine
     448whether the ports you configured are reachable from the outside. This
     449step is usually fast, but it may take a few minutes. Look for a log
     450entry in /var/log/syslog such as "Self-testing indicates your ORPort is
     451reachable from the outside. Excellent." If you don't see this message,
     452it means that your relay is not reachable from the outside. You should
     453re-check your firewalls, check that the IP and ports you specified in
     454your torrc are correct, etc. You should also see the message "Registered
     455server transport 'obfs4'" indicating that obfs4proxy is functional.
    421457==== Should I run an exit relay from home? ====