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    4646Then restart Tor Browser
     47===== I downloaded and installed Tor Browser, but now I can't find it ====
     48The file you download and run prompts you for a destination. If you don't remember what this destination was, it's most likely your Downloads or Desktop folder (we do not create any shortcuts, since Tor Browser is designed to be portable, meaning you can move it around freely and for example run it from a USB stick on other computers). If you can't find it in either of those folders, download it again and look for the prompt that asks you to choose a directory to download it in. Choose a directory location that you'll remember easily, and once the download finishes you should see a Tor Browser folder there.
     49==== Can I use Flash player in Tor Browser? ====
     50You might have noticed that Flash is disabled in Tor Browser. It is STRONGLY not recommended that you not enable Flash. In fact, Flash isn't safe to use in any browser -- it's a very insecure piece of software that can easily compromise your privacy or serve you malware. Fortunately, most websites, devices, and other browsers are moving away from the use of Flash.
     51==== Does using Tor Browser protect other applications on my computer? ====
     52Only the Tor Browser's traffic will be routed over the Tor network. Any other applications on your system (including other browsers) will not have their connections routed over the Tor network.
     54If you need to be sure that all traffic will go through the Tor network, you might want to look at the Tails live system:
    4856=== Tor Messenger ===