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    155155==== Does the Tor Browser use a different circuit for each website? ====
    156156In Tor Browser, every domain gets it's own circuit. [ The Design and Implementation of the Tor Browser] document has further details regarding this issue.
     157==== Why did my search engine switch to DuckDuckGo? ====
     158With the release of Tor Browser 6.0.6, we switched to DuckDuckGo as the primary search engine. For a while now, Disconnect has had no access to Google search results which we used in Tor Browser. Disconnect being more of a meta search engine which allows users to choose between different search providers fell back to delivering Bing search results which were basically unacceptable quality-wise.
     159==== Why does my Tor Browser say something about Firefox not working? ====
     160The Tor Browser is built using Firefox ESR, so errors regarding Firefox may occur. Please be sure no other instance of the Tor Browser is already running, and that you have extracted the Tor Browser in a location that your user has the correct permissions for. If you are running an anti-virus, please see [My antivirus/malware protection is blocking me from accessing Tor Browser], it is common for anti-virus / anti-malware software to cause this type of issue.
     161==== Why does the first relay in my circuit stay the same even when I click on "New Identity"? ====
     162[#WhyismyfirstIPaddressinmyrelaycircuitalwaysthesame Link]
    158164=== Tor Messenger ===