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Community Team


Welcome to the Community Team page. The Community Team is for people working on growing and sustaining the Tor community, which means things like outreach, advocacy, teaching, support, and community governance. There's the internal Tor community of core members, and there's the external community of global users, but these are not always discrete categories, and this team is working to define what we mean by each.


Alison Macrina Community Team Lead
email alison at tor project dot org
IRC flexlibris
about me activist, former librarian, director of Library Freedom Project

Kat volunteer
email kat at torproject dot org
IRC kat5
about me I help with t-shirts for relay operators and other odds and ends.

Colin Childs Relay Advocate & Translation Coordinator
email colin at tor project dot org
IRC phoul
about me Anonymity & Privacy advocate, Free Software developer, Coldhak director

Sukhbir Singh Volunteer
email sukhbir at tor project dot org
IRC sukhe
about me Volunteer developer and community outreach in the Global South (Asia)

ilv Volunteer
email ilv at tor project dot org
IRC ilv
about me global south outreach (latin america), technology analyst at NGO Derechos Digitales

t0mmy Tor's writer/editor
email tommyc@tpo
IRC t0mmy
about me rationalist, writer, pilot

Gustavo Gus Community Liaison
email gus at torproject dot org
IRC ggus
about me Latin america relay Op, CryptoRave organizer, global south outreach, trainer

Carolin Zöbelein volunteer
email contact at carolin-zoebelein dot de
IRC Samdney
about me language & math freak

Cybelle User Advocate intern
email cy63113 at riseup dot net
IRC cy63113
about me Outreachy participant, CryptoRave organizer

Celeste S. Documentation Maintenance intern
email celeste at hakr dot gg
IRC jaruga / har00ga
about me Doc maintainer. Grey hat, applied cryptographer, FOSS advocate.

This team includes anyone working on the projects described above, and we're always looking for more dedicated volunteers to help us with this work.


Our synchronous medium of communication is IRC meetings that happen every Wednesday at 2000 UTC in #tor-meeting on OFTC. If you've never been on IRC before, here are some instructions to get started. These instructions are for a Mozilla IRC server, so instead of, you'll use OFTC. The OFTC server addresses are: (alternative ports: 6668-6670, 7000) or for SSL (alternative port: 9999) (SSL is recommended).

Once you get connected and create a nickname, you can join the channel #tor-project. More info on getting started on IRC. and here's some info on IRC conventions and etiquette.

Our asynchronous medium of communication is the mailing list. This list is public in the sense that anyone can subscribe, send emails and read archives. Feel free to subscribe and just listen if you want, and feel free to post if you want to say something that you think is on topic.


Here's what we're working on right now:



Regular events for TPO to have a presence at (table, brochures, speakers)

New York City, US

Las Vegas, US

Current Team Discussions

Community Documents

*NB: This section is for documents related to the Tor Project community. They do not cover the documents a Tor Project employee might require. For more information on employee documents, see your TPI team leader.*


Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
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#27668 new Wikipedia wants more attention traumschule
#27632 assigned Get in contact with operators / supporters of hackspaces possibly interested in running a relay phoul traumschule
#27132 new find Tor-friendly payment site traumschule
#24569 new Let's use .onion in many situations officially alison cypherpunks
#23850 needs_review Webpage for Tor ecosystem: List of, and links to, success stories alison arthuredelstein
#23632 new Apply Tor trademark for anon-connection-wizard alison iry
#22965 new Please adopt torbrowser-launcher on d3vid
#22081 new Add to trainings page on Community Team wiki community-team alison
#22079 new Community governance documents alison alison
#19911 new Whonix project official licensee of The trademarks adrelanos
#13703 accepted Adding doc/HARDENING Jaruga mmcc
#5236 needs_information Make a deb of the Torbrowser and add to repository cypherpunks