Powering the Digital Resistance


~$231,660 raised during the campaign and ~$428,800 raised from individuals in 2017.


  • Mailing list grew by around 1,500 names throughout the campaign to 6,905.
  • 423,008 donate page hits in 2017
  • Donate page hits from Tor Browser Banner across all languages: 73,047
  • Donate page hits from Twitter: 26,220


21.5% of donors chose the campaign t-shirt in 2017.

Successes to repeat and build upon

  • 66 new monthly donors signed up during the campaign.
  • 2,575 donors gave their first gift to Tor.

Timeline of Efforts with Results

Income by Source

Tor Browser Banner Assets and Functionality


Functionality: [Line 1, variable] <tagline> [Line 2, non-variable] Tor: Powering Digital Resistance. [Line 3, non-variable] Give today and Mozilla will match your gift!

[Button] Donate Now!

The lines and the words in the button are hardcoded. This allows these strings to be translated, so we want to keep that, rather than make those lines part of the image.

The taglines we decided on are: Protecting Journalists, Whistleblowers, & Activists Since 2006 Networking Freedom Worldwide Freedom Online Fostering Free Expression Worldwide Protecting the Privacy of Millions Every Day

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